iPhone app called Gramps

I just noticed an genealogy app on my iPhone called gramps, and I am wondering if it has anything to do with the Gramps program. It doesn’t seem to.

Nothing to do with this project, boils down to that this project is unable to trademark a generic name like “Gramps”. see an older discussion about it:

According to the reviews on the Apple Store, that software doesn’t work and the company won’t give refunds either.

Unfortunately, there will always be people with low morals trying to ride the coattails of their betters.

I read what it said about the app and wasn’t at all surprised. I guess I keep hoping that someone with the programming ability, can create an app that lets me carry around the basic facts from Gramps so I have them at hand. I am not looking for all of the bells a whistles. Pencil & paper will have to suffice I guess. Thanks for the quick response.

You could generate a Gramps website and run that locally on the device.

If you want, you can always look for an app that displays GEDCOM files on your iPhone, or upload a GEDCOM file to Ancestry, and use their app. That’s all free, but you need to keep track of what you do, because there is no easy way to find changes between GEDCOM files, when they are created by different software packages.

Ok, I will look into that, but currently I am sure that is beyond my knowledge level. However I appreciate the information.

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