New Computer, new genealogy app

I tried out Gramps almost two years ago and for some reason I ended up moving to MacFamilyTree. Lots of bling over there.

Now I am testing migrating from my M1 Macbook Air to a Lenovo ChromeOS Duet 5. Tried a couple of other apps which claim to work on the platform. One definitely does, but has a rather odd GUI I can’t wrap my mind around. The other is written in Java 8 w/ something about x86 hard-coded into the jar files. Unfortunately the Duet 5 uses an Arm chip. Hours wasted on that one.

So I tried Gramps again and I expected I was facing a long list of unmet dependencies, but when I launched it it…just ran! I imported a GEDCOM. I set a base path for media. Boom, done. It works.

If I can just get some connectivity going w/ WikiTree and FamilySearch I think I will be very happy. :slight_smile:

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I agree, GRAMPS works very well. I upload to WikiTree too using the gedcom file. To meet the WT sourcing format requirements I insert the image URL into the Page/Volume field after the page/volume data if present.

I have a love/hate relationship with WT. The farther back I go in time, the more cousins and random strangers like to add things that don’t belong or lack sourcing. I would like to update more recent generations, but it would help if I could do that from an add-on or something. For FamilyTree, I have low confidence in a lot of the data, but if someone has fleshed out a branch I like being able to copy it into my own local files. So I guess my next step is exploring some add-ons.

That’s good to hear. I tried using Gramps on my Chromebook but ran into this issue with drag-and-drop. Have you experienced that?

Nope. When I drag it over the clipboard window, right next to the hand is a teeny-tiny ‘no’ symbol (red circle w/ diagonal line) - so the app seems to think that action is not allowed for some reason. Seems like it would be useful for copy/pasting sources to multiple people…

You might want to check out the Web Connect Pack add-on. One of the items added is a WikiTree search that looks for the name & dates of the selected Individual in the Person view.

Finally figured out how that one works. Very nice!

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