Installing Network Chart prerequisites for Windows

Bloc de citació normal users cannot keep packages updated unless they learn pyton

I’m one of those, I dropped the towel long ago. I can’t use many of the most interesting possibilities Gramps offers, just because I don’t know python (or solving any programming problem I could encounter). I have a big tree, ab. 70k people, and the most frequent question I have is “Hey, I’m in your tree, how are we related?”. Gramps has the possibility of using a plugin, addon or whatever, that can give a graphical answer to that question. But I couldn’t make it work, ever.

Can you tell what plugin that is? There is one named LifeLineChartView that needs extra software on Windows, but that can be installed by Gramps, so it should work. And on Linux, you may find a dependency og GraphViz, which is a bit harder to solve, but for which you don’t need to know Python.

I must add that with a big tree, relationship calculations can be very slow in Gramps, so you may need to find other software for that anyway. GeneWeb is very fast, but also needs a bit extra work.

It’s the Network Chart addon. Trying to get or even understand the prerequisites is beyond my capabilities and knowledge.

OK, I understand. It is indeed a good example of the problem. I can make it work by following the instructions, and I assume that they work for all Linuxes that are derived from Debian, including Mint and Ubuntu, but they’re not very friendly if you aren’t acquainted with installing things from the command line, with tools like APT and PIP. They’re also useless on Windows.

OTOH, I don’t think that this graph is useful for that question, because generation is slow, and I don’t see how you can navigate a graph with 70k people. I tried it with the 13k that I have, and it doesn’t help me much.

If you want to calculate relations fast, and don’t mind putting your tree on-line, uploading it to Geneanet makes these things a lot easier. It can calculate them in a couple of seconds, and create drawings on-line, in several ways.

And if you want, you can also download their software, and run it on your PC, see:

I have Network Chart installed on Win10. I do not remember having to install any other files to make it work.

I just tested it on a small database and it produced the SVG file.

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I checked, I have that plugin too, with Windows AIO. I remember that I have not installed anything exept for the plugin itself. (And some other plugins, but nothing special to get that one to work.)

@Ethain isnt by any chance on MacOS and not windows, as from searching a little bit it seem to be harder to use that plugin there?:

I’m using Windows 10. The result of Network chart is, indeed, a svg file, but blank. I’ve tried changing the settings, with the same results. I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. (I’m using this addon as an example, I have similar problems with others).
Thanks ennoborg for the geneanet tip, it’s pretty much what I need (and quick, and with alternative connections) and much better than the connections that Geni offers, much less “graphical”.

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Missatge de Mihle via The Gramps Project (Discourse Forum & Mailing List) <> del dia dv., 28 d’abr. 2023 a les 20:57:

Is the contents of the SVG empty when you open it as a text file?

If not what are you using to view the SVG file? When I use firefox I need to deceased the Zoom menu setting otherwise it only shows the top left blank corner for me!

H’m, weird. I tried it on Windows 10 and 11, and in all of these, I found an SVG file that I could open in Edge or Firefox, where it showed a proper graph. I have a tree with almost 14,000 persons, and I didn’t change any settings, except for the output folder in one case.

What I did see is that the process itself is quite unclear, meaning that while generating this, Gramps freezes of a few seconds, but there isn’t much else to be seen, and that’s not nice. I sometimes saw a dos box named dot.exe, but that was about it. There is no pop-up that says that the file is ready, or anything else.

This is a difficult situation, because my own tests suggest that there is nothing wrong with the install, which is the subject of this thread, but that is only a suggestion, which I can not proove, and which is not much help to you, because Gramps doesn’t tell you anything.

Would it be a good idea to start a new thread for all sorts of add-ons that don’t seem to work, and which don’t give clear error messages either?

Hello, i have made a gramps AIO distribution which contains all prerequisites for network chart. You can try it :

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Hello @jmichault ,

Would it be possible to change the name of your distribution a bit, so that users can distinguish it from the ‘official’ one, and maybe even install both on the same Windows?

It is very nice to see how this distribution can be improved, but I am often confused about which one I run, when I am testing things in Windows.



I’ve tried it and it crashes every time with this error message:

5860002: ERROR: line 748: Failed to run report.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO64-5.1.5-jmt\gramps\gui\plug\”, line 709, in report
File “C:\Users\baruc\AppData\Roaming\gramps\gramps51\plugins\NetworkChart\”, line 761, in write_report
for i in G.nodes():
RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration

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Missatge de Jean Michault via The Gramps Project (Discourse Forum & Mailing List) <> del dia dj., 4 de maig 2023 a les 16:46:

i have modified APPVERSION, so that install directory and icon name are now different from official distribution


It seems you have found a bug in Network Chart. It’s a problem in port from python 2 to 3.

contact author and/or change line 761 to :
for i in list(G.nodes()):