Incomplete GTK Installation Detected

Since I have been using my new laptop I get an error saying and incomplete GTK installation detected. How do I install the correct libraries to fix this problem?

Gramps V 5.1.3
Linux Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS


Hi, you say get an error message; is it from Gramps or the Ubuntu operating system, can you paste the full error message and mention how you installed Gramps ?

Here is the message I get from Gramps when I open the program. I cannot remember how I installed this, but it was from the Gramps website as Gramps is not in my software center.

Thanks for that.
Ubuntu is setup as English US.
I looked at the link you provided, it did not help, could not see anything about GTK.
Just to let you know I am just a simple user of Linux and my knowledge beyond that is very limited.

Perhaps if I reinstalled Gramps it would include all the dependencies it needs?

According to this message if you get the GTK translations missing message you should run the following command on Ubuntu to fix it.

sudo apt install language-pack-gnome-en

Great, that worked, so simple, lol
Thanks very much for you help.


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