Images are transferred but not viewed

Gramps 5.2.2
Gramps Web API 2.3.0
Gramps Web Frontend 24.5.0
Gramps QL 0.3.0
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

All my images are transferred to Gramps Web by the Gramps Web Sync, but only some are displayed in Gramps Web.
I’m running Gramps Desktop version 5.2.2 on macOS Ventura, and the problem may come from the Mac.
I have images in various folders. One folder is ‘Scanned pictures’, a subfolder in the standard ‘Pictures’ folder. These images are displayed in Gramps Web.
Other images are in subfolders of the standard folder ‘Documents’. These images are not displayed.
All paths are relative.
However when looking at the paths in Gramps Desktop images stored under the folder ‘Documents’ looks like this “…/Documents/subfolders/imagename.png”, while images in subfolder of ‘Pictures’ looks like “Scanned pictures/imagename.jpeg”.
When I look in the grampsweb container, I find ‘/app/media/Scanned pictures/’ with the images, that are displayed. Non-displayed images are in /app/Documents/subfolders.
I have tried to make a symbolic link /app/media/Documents → /app/Documents, but that didn’t help.

Hi, the problem is that the Documents folder is outside of your “media base directory” in Gramps. Your media base directory is apparently /app/media, and only relative paths that resolve to a file within this folder are allowed for security reasons.

The cleanest solution is to move all the media files to a subfolder of /app/media.

I moved all images on Gramps Desktop to ~/Pictures/subfolders, and now the Gramps Web Sync works correct. All images are transferred to Gramps Web and are displayed.

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