Media import error & where are files stored

I set up an empty DigitalOcean droplet based on the Gramps Web image. I then uploaded my Gramps XML file (generated by running check & repair, then export).

  1. I can see the list of my media but obviously not the files. I zipped my media and uploaded the file through the Web UI (import media). The media still do not show up.

  2. I cannot figure out where the media files are stored. I added a single test jpg media through the “new media” function in Gramps Web. It shows up in the UI.

  3. I logged in to the server through ssh. The folder app/gramps_media is empty. Neither the manually uploaded file not the imported zip file show up there. Where are they? :cry:

  4. I also tried the “web sync” plugin for Gramps Desktop for this case. It recognizes that there are files missing, but when I click on “next”, it just skips to the end instead of uploading the missing files.


when you uploaded the ZIP, was there an error? Not there was a bug fixed a few days ago:

For Sync, please try with the version from GitHub - DavidMStraub/gramps-web-sync: Development version of a Gramps addon to synchronize Gramps Web with Gramps Desktop; the version in the official sources is not up to date.

Let me know if there are still issues after upgrading both.

For DO, you can upgrade with

cd /opt/grampsweb
docker-compose pull grampsweb
docker-compose up -d

David, I finally merged and published your PR on a better Web sync (now version 1.0.4). I assume that is now up to date.

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