Identifying and Removing completely personal events

Using Windows 10, Gramps 5.1.3-2
Having merged some data long ago and now cleaning up, I am finding personal events that were added such as Occupation, Miscellaneous, Travel, etc. that sometimes contain no data. Is there a way to identify and remove completely empty personal events?

Are they truly without data or is just the Description blank? Perhaps they have a date and/or Place. Maybe a Note, Attribute or Source is attached? Maybe it is shared between more than one person, implying a type of association?

You could start with the Remove Unused Objects tool.

Stripping out the objects that aren’t even referenced by anything might trim down your manual search time.

Good questions!

If you have answered them, you can use event filters:

  • number of references = 0 (:arrow_right: you don’t have people or families linked to these events)
  • number of notes = 0
  • number of citations = 0 (you need to make a citation filter which returns the reverse of all citations and call it from an event filter)
  • Description = * (or the reverse for empty description)
  • same as citations for places (reverse of all places)

Combine them to obtain filter that matches above questions answers then delete events after a good backup.

All of the instances I would like to remove have no data (no dates, no places, etc) associated with the personal event. As you suggested, I combined some event filters to report these cases. Where in the filters do I find “Description”? Currently reporting personal events that have a description.

In General event filters, event with data (or something like that in english) use * in the last field and check regular expressions, here in french:

I think you can do the same for events with no place (use * with regexp cheched in place field)

If it don’t works for places, this one works well:

  • in place filters editor define an all places filter
  • in event filters editor define a filter which call this all places filter (event matching <place filter>) then check “reverse the results” to obtain events without places

Description solution (or any regexp) doesn’t work for the date field, I don’t know any perfect solution for dates, you could try a “from between” impossible dates filter like this, checking “reverse the results” to do not match event with these dates:

Or no days (all week days, at least one rule match, reversed results):

or a combination of both
but some unconventional dates could match anyway:

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