Identification of a deceased person

What object (Event? I don’t really like the idea of using Relationships, it’s about a son who identifies the body of his late father) I could use to indicate that someone has made the identification of a deceased person?

And, do you think that this object should be shared with the deceased in question?

Finally, the reverse, this same person failed to identify another deceased (his mother), how would you indicate that?

For the moment I have created an Attribute for him “Description: Louis has identified the body of his deceased father but has not been able to identify that of his mother” which I have associated with the son and the death event of each of his parents, but I only half like it because this identification (and non identification) can be dated since the newspaper (1st link) indicates when and where this identification took place.

Wouldn’t the shared Event be a “Positive Identification” where you could put “Decedent” / “Identifier” as the roles and the method of identification (visual, dental records, DNA) could be the method of identification? In the specific case of the Mother, the description might be “failed to identify visually”

Alternately, you could use an Association and set up the Reciprocal Roles in the SyncAssociation tool add-on. Although that seems less appropriate – as it lacks dates or a method of identification. (And extra Associations confuse some tools… like Deep Connections.)

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I’ve started to add a sample of each custom Event to my Private ‘dummy’ Gramps Person with a Note describing the Use Case with Roles.

This will allow my Customizations to be exported with a single Gramps ‘person’ & then imported into a fresh Tree. (You could give this ‘person’ a surname of '_About this Family Tree" to float it to the alphabetical sort. I tried a ‘non-breaking space’ but the whitespace trimmer in the surname’s validated parser eliminates that character.)

Perhaps in the future, there could be a 'Introductory Guide Report" based on a selected dummy Person. That report could generate explanatory pages about non-standard notations and introduce the Tree. (@cdhorn already uses a custom type Note to store a brief note describing the Tree. This is for his Statistics CardView in the Dashboard category. The Note floats unanchored. So this is a good place to Anchor that too.)

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