How to: install gramps web (for dummies)

I am reading about grampsweb and like what I see! But I have a big problem. I am not a computer scientist. I do not understand all the technical computer English. Is there a simple step-by-step tutorial for dummies like me, to install grampsweb. I own a domain ( My idea is to make a subdomain for grampsweb ( I hope there is a Dutch (simple) tutorial available…
Michel Serné

Installation process is going to vary based upon your hosting setup… including:

  1. which OS
  2. the hardware or VM specs
  3. the level of admin access that your hosting service offers to its clients.
  • Linux Mint
  • VM specs?
  • 1 admin (me) visitors are guests

Which hosting service has linux mint for their clients? And which service plan do you subscribe to?

(For instance, my hosting service is pair dot com and they offer Apache for their basic {level 1} shared hosting with 30gb of disk space, 500gb of transfer per month & 15 MySQL database.)

I am such a dummie, I do not understand your questions :frowning:
Maybe Grampsweb is not made for me …

I thought it was possible with downloading and copying software to a folder with ftp and use it. But as I see all the technical details that are needed. I let it go.

Gramp Web still has a way to go before it is plug’n’play. This is why David had to create GrampsHub. (It is like hosting services that offer a pre‐installed WordPress container. Which still has some configuration before you can add content… but doesn’t need an IT pro to get started.) A GrampsWeb container on GrampsHub, too, still requires some configuration before you can add content.

Installing a Gramps Web instance from scratch currently requires a major commitment.

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I have very recently set up a Gramps Web instance in production.
I’ll be happy to describe the steps taken, if there’s an interest.


Thank you, I think there is an interest!

Please note the current thread regarding issues with Gramps Web Sync when exporting a Filtered tree for the initial import instead of a Backup. @DavidMStraub described this as a User Error during setup.

Also, screen captures of the Gramps Web Sync dialog at the different steps would be enlightening. (With ‘dummy’ hosting and password values, of course.)

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I like the ‘looks’ of Gramps Web. I have a website ( and my idea was to make folder like and there ‘run’ grampsweb for myself at the first place and for visitors. I do not know how to set this up. This is my ict technical dummy in me :wink:
I understand it is not simple download some software, install this with ftp at my web-server and use it. If it is possible, than I am looking for a step-by-step installation guide. I am dutch, so all the technical English is also my challenge.

Step-by-step guides also tend to (Google) Translate more cleanly.

I’ve found little things … like overlooking a space in a menu (“Help->About Gramps” instead of “Help → About Gramps”) causes auto-translation in the Browser to malfunction.