How to dock / attach the Clipboard window?

I would like to be able to dock, that is, attach the clipboard window to the right sidebar (as a kind of gramplet tab). Or somewhere else. At least if possible not a kind of overlay window which often is in the way because it overlays some other region of the main window.

Any way to do this?

Using Gramps 5.1.5 on Ubuntu 22.04


The floating clipboard activated by the toolbar icon 48px-Gnome-edit-paste.svg does not dock.

There are Collection Clipboards that can be activated in all side- and bottom bars. Each view can have a CC on its sidebar and a CC on its bottombar. They can be dragged off the sidebar to float and when closed they will return to their dock on the view’s side- bottombar.

Unlike the floating Clipboard, the Collection Clipboards will retain items placed on them between sessions.

Here is more about the Side- and Bottombars.

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I do not know why every time I attempt to search the wiki I always get results for 5.0 and usually in another language. This starting from the 5.1 Wiki Manual

And my search never found the wiki for the Collection Clipboards.

Thank you for the catch.

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Your welcome,

I have the user manual pages bookmarked in a Firefox folder so no searching involved :slight_smile:

And my search never found the wiki for the Collection Clipboards.

Only have the Third-party Addons page bookmarked and then I searched the page text using Control +F and typed the word collection :slight_smile:

And I totally missed that the Collection Clipboard is an addon. An important fact that @Jens should know.

I’ve set a keyboard equivalent on my phone which suggests “site:gramps‐” anytime “gp” is typed. That, with the add-on name, quickly gives results CLOSE to the wiki page.

If it is in a different language, just copy the English hotlink from the Languages selector. If it is the wrong version, just change the version number in the URL and copy.

Generally, the pages haven’t moved beyond versioning changes.

We still need a MediaWiki maven to help come up with a scheme to suppress old versions and language mismatches in the search indexing.

I suspect the reason the older versions and other language pages are ranked higher than the current release English pages is that they somehow have a higher count of fresher cross-reference links to the pages.

Mind sharing how please?

Each smart phone brand is different. Google keyboard suggestions and your phone model.

Here’s a set up of Gramps-related keyword bookmark in Firefox. The first one does a wiki search with the search modifiers @emyoulation mentioned. To use it, in the address bar, type in something like “grwiki clipboard”

The one for Gramps Bug is similar and finds a bug based on bug id.

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