Backing up the Collections Clipboard

I have 5 Collections Clipboards on my Gramps dashboard (for 5 countries). I want to change them, but only rarely.
Also, I want, when opening Gramps, to load a version that I have backed up and is not necessarily the same as the version when I last closed Gramps.
What is the best way to to I do this? And what is the best way to change the stable version when I need to?

David Lynch
Gramps 5.1.5 on Windows 10 Collections Clipboard 1.0.41

On the Preferences Family Tree tab, uncheck the Automatically load last family tree.

Now when you launch Gramps, the list of available family trees will open allowing you to select the desired database.

Sounds like we need a new context menu Feature to:

  • create a Note from selected Clipboard items
    And a reciprocal Note editor feature to:
  • clipboard Links

The Note Editor is kind of unique in that using the OS clipboard within a Note preserves the links. But it drops the Link property if you switch Notes.

(Probably because of the bizarre way that the linking capability was Frankensteined onto the Note Structure. Instead of a Markup/Markdown approach interpreted hidden tags around the text, it tacks a map on the end of the Note Content that references where the Link {or text styling} begins & ends. So, for each edit insert or delete, the Editor has to remain all the links. No wonder that text chunk paste edits are SOOOO slow!)

I’m sorry, I don’t think I have made myself clear in my previous post. I am not talking about backing up my gramps database. I am talking about making a backup of the 5 sets of about 30 items, mainly sources and places, that are on each of my 5 collection clipboards.
Currently, when I open such a clipboard, I get the clipboard as it was when I last closed gamps. This differs from what I want because it contains people, events, citatations and notes of only emphermeral interest, and lacks those items of continuing interest that I have deleted in order to make room for the ephemeral items.
Whenever I open gramps, then the Collections Clipboard, I want something like the second attachment, when I have closed gramps the previous time with the first attachment.

I am not sure how you are using these clipboards. But…

In case you are not aware, the information on the Gramplets loaded on the Dashboard are stored in your user’s version folder in the Gramplets_dashboardview_gramplets.ini file.

For the other views, this this type of information is stored in that view’s sidebar or bottombar’s ini file. i.e. People_personview_bottombar.ini or People_personview_sidebar.ini

Not sure if this helps but something to be aware of.

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