Make autosaving for buffer entities

It would be great implement autosaving clipboard list. Each time when the app crashes I have gather all these entities again to the clipboard.

Install and use the Collections Clipboard Gramplet addon that is similar to the built-in Clipboard except that it provides a way to create collections of objects which are persistent over time.

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Unfortunately Collection Clipboard records what you enter in it when you exit from Gramps. So in case of a crash, nothing will be saved.

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Each time? How many crashes do you see? Last time Gramps crashed here, I ran a filter that required gigabytes of memory, on a very large tree, with more than 300,000 persons.

This is not to deny that your Gramps crashes, but I am curious about the circumstances, because when we know about those, we may be able to prevent them from happening.

Unfortunately the app gives ability to send error-report not always. Sometimes the app simply closes. I had crashes about 10 days ago - 3 times per a week. I dont know how to repro it for now. But it is not about memory, I think. My DB size is 600kb - 1,5 persons only.

I don’t know the problem of the author of this thread, but in my case I know when Gramps crashes.

I don’t close it often (days), and after a long editing session, when I open a lot of windows, the last windows open grayed out without any information. At the same time, I get a lot of GTK messages in the console window and if I don’t save my work, Gramps crashes (sometimes I don’t have the time to do it).

My database only has 10k people, but I think that’s more to do with how open the window is than the size of the db.

Memory leaks in GTK or something probably.

I agree with PLegoux and, like him, presumed it was memory leaks.
It would be useful to have a save button on the Collections clipboard. This would be not only to migitigate the effect of a crash but also so you could better ensure that ephermal items were discarded and ones you wanted to persist were retained.
David Lynch

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The Collection Clipboard information is saved in the view’s .ini files in your user folder’s version folder.

These update as you close Gramps. Obviously, any crash does not save that view’s .ini files.

Note: If you have more than one database and a view’s collection clipboard has database specific objects, these will disappear as you navigate through that view with another database.

ok, I understand. It woul be nice if you could find some sort of pattern, like what Patrice wrote about keeping Gramps open for days. Another thing that I can imagine is having lots of items on the clipboard or something. It could be something that only a few users do, and it that case it can take a long time before someone recognizes some sort of pattern.

Sometimes, you may be able to find something in the Windows system logs, but the standard app to view those is not very friendly, and also quite slow. There are other tools to analyze crashes too, for Windows.

In my case, with that big tree, I had a filter that tried to find all people that share ancestors with me, and when I ran that, Gramps froze, and I left it alone for a while. And when I came back, Gramps was gone, and the Linux system logs showed that it was killed, because it had run out of memory. I found that quite weird, but I can understand that such a filter can do that, when it’s not programmed right.

When Gramps freezes, or gets very slow, it can help to start the Windows task manager, and try to figure out what’s happening, before you kill the program, especially when you run that in detailed mode, so that you can also see the total amount of CPU and memory used by all programs, including your virus scanner, and so on. There are more advanced tools available for that too, like Process Explorer, but IMO the standard task manager is good enough to start with.

As for my exceptions… I can describe how do I work with the app in my case.

  1. First of all I have installed all available Gramps plugins.
  2. Usually the app works about 12-15 hrs per a day, sometimes Windows works, sometimes sleeping.
  3. Clipboard contains up to 10 entities
  4. 1000+ media, 1700 persons, …
  5. I have 16 Gb of memory, not loaded system, Windows 10.

One more thing, Earlier I also had freezes when used notes with text size about several thousands chars. The app notes are not optimized to work with big texts. So, I must move my notes inside text files and then inside Citations.

Agree that the Notes choke on large texts.

It is likely due to the markup formatting being appended to the text rather rather bring inline. So each insert means recalculating all the subsequent startpoint & endpoint offsets for text decorations and links.

Fragile & slow!

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