Collections Clipboard: Removing/Sorting entries

Is there anything special I can do to remove an entry from a Collections Clipboard?

When I return to Gramps, the entries I deleted in Collections Clipboard in previous Gramps sessions come back over and over again.

Same issue with entries order: it is reset to a/the(?) previous order when I start a new Gramps session.

The information is stored in the ini files in your gramps user version folder. I have some entries in my collections clipboard in the bottom bar place view. The entries are stored in Places_placetreeview_bottombar.ini. Each view has their own set of ini files. You can edit them or delete it to reset to a default setting.

I seem to remember a bug about this but cannot seem to find it (if it ever existed).

The entry order (??) I suppose is the list of records in a view list. The default is the first column. You can change columns using the Configure active view" icon in the tool bar.

Thanks Dave. I’ve found the files

Their content are not correctly updated. Look at this screenshot showing file and gramplet side by side:

  • In red: Deleted things but always in the file
  • In green: things okay
  • In orange: things that are not ordered the same way into the file than into the gramplet (so at gramps startup the line is displayed in 5th position and not at the bottom)

The gramplet seems not to write the ini file when its content changes (or not completly)

This may be a situation that while you have Gramps open in the view that you are having issues is to set the view as you want it and while Gramps is still open, delete that view’s ini files. When you close Gramps, the new view ini files will be created.

I explored the ini files for my most used views in today’s session and they all all had ;; Automatically created at 2020/11/26 16:09:15 which was the time I just closed Gramps.

The views in Gramps that I did not open today had an old timestamp.

By deleting the ini files for the active view, when Gramps closes it will create brand new files and not rewrite existing files which may be your problem; that there was/is something wrong with the existing files causing something to go astray when Gramps attempts to rewrite the ini files.

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