How to determine if Addon Manager is finding the addon list file?

With a previous beta version, I was using a local addons “Project” filepath to install 5.2 addons. But it doesn’t seem to be working on my re-install. But there is no feedback as to whether the Addon Manager is successfully reading the list of addons.

The “Where to Check” in the General tab of the 5.1 Preferences was similar. You only knew if it was touching the file when it listed addons to install. When Gramps was up-to-date with Addons, you couldn’t tell if it failed to poll or if everything was current.

In Addon manager complains about /addons/master/gramps52/listings/addons-en.txt , @avma was getting reports of 404 errors. Perhaps the Warnings feature of Gramps could report 404s if it isn’t finding the addons-en.txt [ recte: addons-en.json file which is the default and fallback for other language users ] file?

And another unanswered thread ( How should a gramplet validate a (local, network, internet) file path string? ) asks about the approved way to validate a path in Gramps.

For one thing Gramps 5.2 only looks for addons-??.json files, not .txt files.

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That’s true. Sorry, that .txt expectation is a holdover from a previous set of 5.1 docs… since the 5.2 Project tab only specifies the parent of the listings and download folders containing the .json and .tgz files expected by the Addon Manager.

I could just add an error icon to an entry in the projects list if the listings file cannot be parsed.

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Would you like a feature request for tracking purposes?
added 0013069: Add 'valid' indicator for Addon Manager 'project' paths - Gramps - Bugtracker – Free Genealogy Software

By the way, the re-install is on Windoze. The way that OS expects to handle local paths differently than Fedora might be part of my problem.

It is kinda late for a 5.2 change. And this sounds like a simple but highly visible change. So adding for 5.3 would show evolution is still possible for recently added features.

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