How are updates to translation PO files distributed for the Gramps 5.2?

Will updated translation files for Gramps 5.2 have to wait for 5.2.1? Maybe a ‘call to arms’ for translators to try the beta is needed?

Or can they be pushed via the Addon Manager?

All changes to the translations in core Gramps must be made in Weblate.

Translations for the addons should be made through pull requests and can be made available through the usual addon updates.

Have all the 5.2 core strings been submitted the same Weblate Glossary that is used for the 5.1 translation? Or do translators need to look somewhere special?

Weblate has never been used for v5.1. I briefly had two branches for “v5.2” and “Development”, but this caused problems with the total number of strings and would have been potentially confusing for translators.

Now there is a single component called “Program” which we use for Gramps core. At some point nearing the next release we will switch it to the development branch.

Ok. That still leave the answer a bit unclear? (I do not want to draw any conclusions.)

Will the Weblate Glossary being used now include all the beta2 core & builtin plugin strings? And will the 5.2 final release include those new translations?

Also, can you give a “drop-dead” date for translators to get the beta2 strings translated in time for the 5.2 release?

I update the gramps.pot file on a regular basis. It was last updated yesterday.

The Weblate “Program” component should contain all the up-to-date strings. The “Glossary” component is maintained by the translators.

We will release 5.2.0-rc1 soon. I suggest at this point we announce a string freeze and give the translators a couple of weeks to finish their translations.

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