"Help" is becoming too intimidating

One of the good reasons for separate User and Development maillists was that your eMailbox would get fewr postings that did not apply to you.

Are our Help and Development categories too broad?

I think that the Help is getting too many highly technical questions about development. It intimidates newbies.

And there are a distressingly low number of our developers who are members of this Discourse and discussing the architecture and future of the project.

Maybe we need a couple more sub categories of Development?

  • One (or two) for requests for guidance in specific tasks by aspiring developers or hackers.
  • Another for general brainstorming discussions

I dont use maillists, but:

Maybe one suggestion would be to have a “Technical help”
And split development in one for more overall ideas and discussion and one for more technical development discussion, but arent the “ideas” one and “development” ones exactly that?

“Ideas” has turned into a ‘blue sky’ wishlist that is mostly ignored.

“Development” was too broad. Now sifting through the 3 and half years of the accumulated detritus is not very reasonable.

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