GTK and limiting the Minimize gadget

Chris Horn has added a Minimize gadget to his floating spawned/pinned CardView snapshots. However, when those gadgets are clicked, they minimize the entire Gramps application, not just that floating window.

This is the first floating Window I’ve seen in Gramps with a Minimize gadget. (Although the Clipboard and floating Gramplets could be improved with a minimize feature. Clipboard is arguable since you can just close & reopen its dialog. And that is just as fast as selecting from the Window menu.)

I just tried floating 2 documents in GIMP and minimizing them separately. (All the floating tool windows minimized with the last non-minimized document window.) Since independent minimizing worked there, then the GTK toolkit must support the possibility.

Anyone know if there is a secret for divorcing the Minimize action on a floating window from the the Minimize of the entire application?

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There is the same result with the Form Gramplet which also has the possibility of reducing the window and which reduces all the Gramps windows at the same time.
Note that these two windows also have a button to enlarge the window which does not enlarge all the Gramps windows but the only window on which this button was clicked. Maybe there is something to look at there to do the same with the minimize button

That might be a clue. The maximize tend to have 2 functions: where is can deiconify a minimize titlebar back to a window, or; where it makes a window fullscreen (which, by nature, only affects a single window).

There at least 3 different results of minimizing too. One is where a window is iconified (resized to just a titlebar and repositioned to the bottom of screen) & the maximize will restore the previous position & dimensions. Another where the window is hidden & the Window menu can restore it. And another where it is top-level so the entire application is iconified.

I really don’t know anything about the GTK toolkit. The terminology requires context that I do not possess. (Most of my programming experience is from the dinosaur days when you had to code everything much more explicitly. Creating a window wasn’t a line of code, it was pages of code or writing a module for re-cycling. Toolkits are still entirely foreign.)

So maybe is this is related to the windows being created as toplevel when it should be a child. Or is grouped with the application. Or maybe the ConstraintTarget in the hierarchy should be used.

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