Gramps Web Sync with gramps 5.2.0

Running new version of gramps web sync on gramps 5.2.0 against just upgraded gramps web.

Sync jumps right to from “login” to “summary” after credentials entered.


Gramps 5.2.0
Gramps Web API 2.0.0
Gramps Web Frontend 24.2.1
locale: en
multi-tree: false
task queue: true

I just discovered Gramps Desktop informs me of a new add on, gramps web sync, each time I start gramps web.

I’ve attempted to install it three times now, restarting gramps each time, same message, same failure to sync.

Solution required manually deleting the Grampswebsync folder and the associated .ini file (for good measure) and re-installing.

All other methods attempted via pluginmanager to update the addon failed to update grampswebsync.

Sync now works as expected.

There seems to be a discourse issue that does not allow editing of a post once marked “solved”.

To add: There were no indications that attempts to update via addon Manager had failed, all attempts seemed to succeed.