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Hi, I’m a fairly new Gramps user. As I accumulate more and more sources, the source selector dialog becomes quite cumbersome to use. I work a lot with Polish Latin church record collections and I need the abbreviation to be able to find what I need since this is what I use in my research notes.

I saw pull request 1064 - which does just this - was merged to master on Feb 22 - just after the current release - so I assume it will be part of the next release.

What is the plan for the next release? There was no information that I could find that gives any indication of a release cycle/plan of any kind.

PR in question: Add Abbreviation Column to Source and Citation selectors by DaveSch-gramps · Pull Request #1064 · gramps-project/gramps · GitHub


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The releases are of two kinds. Code that adds features are released at the major releases, i.e. 5.2. Code changes that fix a problem are released in the updates. We are at 5.1.5. There may be 5.1.6 and 5.1.7 before the next major release.

If you are willing and able to hack the code, you can make the changes to your code now. This PR just adds one line to two different files. The PR tells you which files to edit and what to add.

Notepad++ is a good program to edit the files. The program folders are protected so it will take a few more clicks to save the altered files and the changes will not appear until you restart Gramps.

And be very careful with line indents and they are not tabbed indents.

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Make a source code backup file before applying a patch like the PR you noted.

As Dave pointed out Python is VERY sensitive to white space (like the difference between spaces and tabs.) so it is VERY easy to make a file unusable. (I generally find it easier to view the GitHub file in RAW format, copy the entire file and replace the contents of the local file. But be certain you are working with the 5.1 maintenance branch of the GitHub Repository. The 5.2 version is still in the ‘alpha’ stage. It isn’t even ready for beta testers yet.)

The usefulness of learn to patch effectively cannot be overstated.

Changed files for Pull Request 1064:

  • gramps/gui/selectors/ (raw file)
  • gramps/gui/selectors/ (raw file)

Thanks for the feedback. I suppose getting re-introduced to python again could be an interesting project. It’s been well over ten years since the last time I touched it, hehe.

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