Gramplet shell for Object Editors

The Quick View Gramplet is an interactive shell for Quickview Reports.

Could a similar gramplet shell be made for Object Editors? So, as the user changes active objects by browsing in the main view, the gramplet could be updated. However, unlike the Quickviews which are display only, the Editor gramplet would give direct access to editing (a proxy of) the current object.

As Object Editors have the Warnings Preference to “Suppress warning when cancelling with changed data” when closing the dialog, the Gramplet could have a Configuration (that is common to the gramplet in all supported categories) to “Suppress warning when changing <category> focus with changed data”.

The New would be similar to the “Add” menu action. (Since an Add button is ambiguous when there is data showing in the Gramplet. i.e., does it add another person with the current Gramplet data or clear the entries for a new object?)
The Clone would be an enhancement that should probably be deferred. (At least until @Nick-Hall releases the Exploded View that could be the basis for a confirmation of what secondary objects to clone versus share versus skip.)
It would be helpful if the Secondary Tab selection did not reset as the Category object focus changes… just like the way the active Gramplet tab stays stable. This would give browsing visibility to data where there isn’t a comparable viewer Gramplet. (e.g., Associations, Addresses, LDS, and Alternative Names.)

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