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I am a genealogist who received a phone call from a man who has been using GRAMPS since at least 2018. He cannot upload his current GPKG file into the latest version of GRAMPS. How are GRAMPS users uploading files. I have no familiarity with GRAMPS, so do they still use GPKG files? I am familiar with GEDCOM’s but it looks like GRAMPS does not use them. Any help is much appreciated!


.gpkg files are packaged (compressed) Gramps files.

Rather than “upload”, you’re looking for “import”. But, the part that is most confusing is that you need to create a new, blank Tree to which the data can be imported. Gramps rebuilds a database from these days transfer & backup formats. (GEDCOM import is supported but is less versatile than the Gramps native format.)

The step-by-step instruction webpage for importing the example.gramps (a less compressed format with the same data) is a good reference.

To get a better feel for the process, you might want to watch a few minutes of the following video tutorial.

Gramps Tutorial #2: Creating Backups & Updating your Software YouTube video by TechTutorials.
Importing the Example.gramps Tree begins at 17 minutes 4 seconds

Thanks for your responses everyone!

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