Before GEDCOM7 ZIPs become a common situation

The project has gained a lot of real-world experience about Media problems in the years since the .gpkg (including Media objects) was implemented.

Generally, using the feature to import a backup for the same computer works pretty well … although there are some surprises.

Before GEDCOM’s new zip with media become common, maybe we should discuss strategies for resolving the issues that will affect importing those too?

We probably need Import options for:
  • GEDCOM ZIPs and .gpkg that allows ‘only media’ or ‘only genealogy tree data’
  • harmonization of slash or backslashes to the target OS’es standard
  • conversion of absolute paths to a subdirectory of a relative path root
  • option to redefine the Relative Media Path (that could be handled in the workflow instead of in code)
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Some issues:

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