Get all Occupations event using substitution values?

How to get all (and not only the first one) occupation event of an individual using substitution values ($eOccupation returns only one when there are more)?

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It might help if you gave a clearer picture of what you have attempted and in which view.

The simplest is to open a person’s edit window to see the person’s events.

If you want to see particular event types for a person, you need to create a Person filter for the person you are interested in. Person with <id>

There is also an ActivePerson filter rule. This is a new addon/plugin filter so you may need to download it.

Then in the Event list you create a filter rule looking for events based upon the person filter. Events of persons matching the <person filter>

You can add an Event type rule to the filter or when you run the custom filter from the event sidebar filter, you can also add the Type “Occupation”

It may also help if you indicate what you are trying to accomplish. What I have outlined above may not be what you need if you are trying to do something more that getting a list of a person’s events.

It sounds like you’re talking about customizing a report. One where there’s a biography and you want to include a separate employment history.

Can you be more specific? Which report are you modifying and what have you tried so far?

(I just saw a similar, as yet unanswered, question related to Media. In was in the Element, formerly, chat room. They had a Book with a report that printed the first image in the Gallery, but ignored the rest. Since they hadn’t said which Report, the discussion faltered.)

Hi twice,

thank you for your answers.

I am using Gramps in french so here is a picture (its in a graphic report) to show you what im trying to do (the $e[profession] should be $e[occupation].in english).
When an indivudual has several occupations only the first is shown in the report.
The question is how to get all occupations for an individual ?

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So, from the Display tab of the Reports => Graphical Reports => Ancestor Tree …

You want to add all the occupations in a person’s life to the landscape Pedigree chart?

But that could be very ambiguous! Particularly as most people have had a multitude of occupations.

(As an example: my father was a heavy equipment operator for the CCC when drafted into the US Army, then became an engineer corps non-com instructor during his enlistment. In civilian life, he was a steel mill machine operator, a shop foreman, a Traffic Manager, a Class-A machinist, a gas station owner/operator, a VoTech CNC milling teacher.)

So which of these should be put in a chart box in a pedigree tree?

All of them as a list with dates… in chronological sort order

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Yes the picture comes from there.

I have an undocumented report Reports => Graphical Reports => Family Tree … (not the documented “Family Descendant Tree …”).
This one gets all Occupations (if you check “Include occupation event” in its configuration, there is no Display option as in other reports) and print them comma separated on a line.

So I suppose substituion values of Gramps (used in Display option of reports)
doesnt include a way to get duplicate events (as it was the case in early gedcom specification).

I have same interrest in that with the Burial event.
Some members of my family were buried two time due to a change of location in the cemetry.

I agree with StoItHD.
All, that shows the career of an infividual.

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I see the Pedigree Chart (I think, it’s “Ligne des descendants” in french) graphic view using another format in their options (Display Formats tab) and getting all occupations of an individual.
Instead of $e[Occupation] it use [Occupation]$e.
Tooltips in Display Formats tab refers to the Wiki doc … but nothing about this synatx that inside the substitution values doc.
So, I suppose the syntax is plugin dependent.

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