Gedcom file download [How to?]

can I download a Gedcom file to gramps

Be welcome Benny!

Importing a GEDCOM is a standard feature.

After downloading & installing Gramps

  1. open the Gramps program
  2. choose “Manage Family Trees…” from the Family Trees menu
  3. Click the New button
  4. Rename the Tree (it can be renamed later too)
  5. Double-click the renamed Tree
  6. choose “Import…” from the Family Trees menu.
  7. Navigate to the GEDCOM to be imported (Ctrl-L toggles from breadcrumbs to full file path input)
  8. Open the GEDCOM

Click on the Relationships view (or Charts view) icon on the left.
Explore your Tree data

Note, any imported data benefits from a bit of cleanup. In particular, GEDCOMs from different programs vary in their compliance to standards.

Places may not be hierarchical. (i.e., a city may be a ‘flat’ description: “Orlando, Orange county, Florida, USA”. It might not be filed under a county, nor the county under the state, nor the state under the nation). Sources might be duplicated.

Thanks for your reply most helpful. Is it ok to ask for help on a brick wall in this forum.

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You can ask ask and, as @DaveSch suggested, the Genealogy category is the best option.

The thrust of this forum tends to be more on the oddities & strategies of using features of Gramps to improve our genealogy work. So expect more generalized responses; containing hints on attacking your brickwalls rather than biographical info on those specific ancestors. Although you might get some hints on regional resources.

Please start a new Topic whenever the conversation changes. (Like this change from ‘GEDCOMs’ to ‘brickwalls’.) I suggest trying to writing topic titles that are more descriptive… to draw readers & responses.

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