Gedcom export by date

Running lasted version on windows 10
My main data source is GRAMPS. I would like to update records on WikiTree based on the last time I did an update.
Is there a way to generate a GEDCOM file based on the last time a record for any individual has been changed.
I thought of using tags, but I haven’t been successful doing this either.

For example, I want all records that have been changed since Feb 2021.
Is there a way? TIA

Note that adding tags to Records definitely changes the “last modified” stamp. So make sure you BACKUP before you try any suggestion.

(Discovered this when importing data with the Preferences option set to “Add tag on import”. While expecting that import to preserve the last modified timestamp on records, it was frustrating to learn this made it impossible to sort JUST the imported records by last-changed date.)

Perhaps the Author of the Import & Merge tool could be enticed into creating a version that does a compare a backup & Tag of changed records? (With the option of ignoring Tags as being an insignificant change, of course!)

It is possible to do an export of people based on a filter using the “People changed after” rule. Which would get you all the individuals that had direct changes. However changes to other areas of the db, like events, media, etc. that are already attached to a person or changes to families in which the person is a child or would be added as a child will not cause that person to be included.

So I’m not certain if this would satisfy what you are trying to accomplish. Try it out and see if it ends up with enough to make it work…

Thanks Paul, that might work.

It found me 458 people since May 01, 2021.

I’ll have to do an upload to WikiTree to see what changes/results this will produce.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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