From a snail to a rabbit

Dear all.

The following will certainly not cause much discussion, but I still wanted to get rid of it briefly. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using GRAMPS for maybe 2 years now. Only under Windows, because I had no other operating system at home. Many attempts to switch from Windows to Linux failed in earlier years due to Linux’ poor hardware support. For various reasons, I have now installed Linux Mint on the laptop on which I always use GRAMPS. And I can tell you, GRAMPS is a rabbit now. A running rabbit that is so fast that it almost scares me. :slight_smile:

Starting GRAMPS, loading the family tree, navigating in the graph, filtering, editing, exporting … everything is faster. Much faster. This experience alone will prevent me from using GRAMPS under Windows again.

Regards from Germany
Hagen M.S.

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