Is it possible to access Gramps from both Windows and Linux

I would like to access Gramps from both LinuxMint 20 and Windows 10. Is this possible?


Yes, I’d a linux VM running on my Windows box sharing directories/file system containing gramps (databases, backups and my medias).

Used with precautions ==> only one Gramps running at a time, it works perfectly.

Just a thing I remember: I’d to change default image directory in preferences when switching from one OS to the other. I suppose there are some other things like that (custom form definitions, …)

I run Linux in a WSL2 Image and in a Debian hyper-v image, using GWSL to run GUI in WSL, I have all three versions running against Gramps Sqlite databases, but I can not get the MongoDB or Postgresql to work from WSL2 when the databases is on the Host computer.

There’s an interesting feature (called IOMap in the Dot net Mono cross-platform project) which discusses the complexities of transforming OS specific filepaths & environment variables. It discusses Linux vs. Windows but not macOS.

I imagine Gramps would have other places where cross-platform paths would be problematic. Like Books & report INIs.


You have the most most complex and interesting research environment I’ve ever heard of for an individual. (And I mean that in the best … and most astounded … way possible.

Your experience in application interactivity is going to help Gramps become much more flexible. Although no doubt it will take much longer to evolve than anyone would hope.

Isn’t the simplest approach to choose one machine to be the “Gramps computer” and use some form of remote access to reach it from any other machines? This avoids the possible problems of corrupted databases, etc.


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