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Hi there,

As a newcomer on this forum, I would like to make post under the “International” category (using the “Français (French)” sub-category).

Is there any reason I cannot use the “International” category?

Those categories are a very new expansion of the Gramps Discourse forum.

I’m not certain if @gramps-project has decided how they’re supposed to work. And the access rights don’t seem to have been set up yet.

For a workaround, you can post to the “Help” section & add a response that asks him to move the thread to the section for the particular language.

It would be a good opportunity to work out the bugs in the configuration.

Currently they are only links to existing forums in other languages if they exist; which in this case a French Gramps forums does on the Geneanet website

If @yann66 contacts the Geneanet Gramps group and they decide they want to move here, I can enable the area?

I’d rather post here so French speaking users start interacting in this forum, rather than force them to register on a commercial website like Geneanet.

I am not confortable in assisting Geneanet hoarding more genealogical data, in particular when the subject is about using an open-source software.

Could we consider the reverse? : start posting on this forum in French (or other language) and in the long run bring back Gamps users here?

I’m not keen on this idea of ​​repatriating French-speaking Gramps users from the Geneanet forum on the Gramps Discourse would it be in French; we are a relatively small Gramps community in France and this forum gives Gramps visibility to a large part of the French-speaking genealogical community that it would have hosted much less elsewhere than on Geneanet which attracts a large number of French-speaking and European genealogists. Still, I like Discourse much better than phpBB which is used as the forum engine on GNN. As for commerce, I have no problem with commercial sites that have open forums such as GNN, which is part of its free offering (GNN has adopted a freemium model - everything is free there except for some complex research and accessing some data resulting from purchases they make from associations - to sustain them - and find an interest in them themselves). I even believe that they should be the majority contributor in Geneweb, the open source software which is the engine of Geneanet (I definitely preferred that they use Gramps but that’s another story).

So, I like the idea of links to the main international forums that is done on Discourse rather than having a desire for centralization.

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