Forms and gedcom creation

Gramps 5.1.3 on Manjaro KDE.

I use Forms mainly for entering census data. I crated a gedcom to import into another genealogy program for a relative and noticed that nearly half of the census entries were missing. I tried making another gedcom and the same thing happened. Looking at the gedcom, I see the entry for the census, but the census data is missing.

Are you talking about attributes data forms gramplet generates?

They aren’t exported in gedcom files using the regular export gramplet. To get them on the Geneanet web site, another export gramplet has been developed to export them as notes Geneanet can import and display. You could try it for your own needs.

I enter the attributes but I also include them in description, so not worried about them transferring. The actual extraction in notes is what is not being added to the gedcom. Over half of the notes come over, the others only have the citation title.

the ones that do transfer look like this

0 @N0053@ NOTE Treakle, Jack R. Head M W 33 M Virginia Virginia Virginia Fisherman

1 CONT Treakle, Daisy Wife F W 23 M Florida Florida Georgia

1 CONT Treakle, Virginia Daughter F W 4 9/12 S Florida Virginia Florida

1 CONT Treakle, Richard Son M W 1 10/12 S Florida Virginia Florida

the rest only give me

0 @N0098@ NOTE Treakle, Jack R.

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