Fedora 39 & Gramps 5.2

How can I upgrade to Gramps 5.2 (from 5.1.6) with Fedora 39 package manually?
Or do I have to wait untill Gramps 5.2 pop-up i ‘sudo dnf upgrade --refresh’ list?

The 5.2.0-1 version has made it to the Fedora Package Managers for 40 and 41 (Rawhide). But gramps-5.2.0-2.fc39 is still in their Testing. (The reason for the 2nd is “Restore duplicate license file for use by GUI”.) The koji Buildsystem repository has 5.2.0-2 for 39.

First, you ought to make a decision about what you want. You could use the flatpak to install. (The package manager for the Gramps Flatpak is refining the 5.2 version. The directory restrictions are currently being discussed.) Or you could choose a Gramps branch and build from Source. There are 3 branches, each with different benefits and drawbacks.

You could:

  • download and build from the Source Code ZIP in the 5.2.0 Release Assets.
    Most conservative choice.
  • reference the GitHub maintenance/gramps52 branch when building from source.
    Early addopter choice for leveraging patches as quickly as possible but some risk.
  • reference the GitHub master branch when building from source.
    Not recommended for production use. High Risk

There is a bit more than what you mentioned here, and that’s what I learned from Nick by the end of this thread:

This means that there are currently two ways to install 5.2 on Fedora, one of which is the old setup.py with the root option, and the other is pip3, which is nicer.


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