Family Tree Missing from List

GRAMPS: GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 - Windows 10

I know this has been raised before but it did not say how to fix it. I have moved GRAMPS to a new computer and imported the database from a backup. It worked fine. I am able to open the database and have set it to reopen each time I open GRAMPS however it does not show in the Family Trees list

How do I fix it so it shows?

The window you are displaying, accessed by “Manage Family Trees…”, is looking for your tree in the database folder set in Preferences (Menu >> Edit >> Preferences). On the Family Tree tab set the Family Tree Database path to the location where you are actually storing the tree. The default is c:\users\<~username>\appdata\roaming\gramps\grampsdb

If you are not sure where the tree is located go to your user directory c:\users\<~username>\appdata\roaming\gramps\recent-files-gramps.xml (Win10). The file has the full path information on your tree.

Note: The AppData directory is “Hidden” by default in Windows.


Thanks, I was actually pointing to one level lower than the directory that the file was in ie I was pointing to within the database directory rather than the database directory itself. Working fine now.

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