Deleting Family Tree

GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1, Windows 10, Chrome Browser.

I have deleted a Family Tree as per the instructions however if I click on the down arrow (connect to recent database) it shows and allows me to connect to the old Family Tree that I have deleted and also to back it up, etc. I would like to get rid of it completely to avoid confusion. It does not appear when I “Manage Databases”.



Not sure what went wrong. I have never had a Tree still show up in the Open Recent drop down after using the Manage Family Trees… to delete a database.

But it is an easy fix. The file that holds the list information can be safely deleted. Gramps will create a new, initially empty, file.

You are on Windows so go to c:\user\%username%\appdata\roaming\gramps

Note: By default, Windows has the appdata folder hidden.

You can either delete recent-files-gramps.xml or edit the file and manually delete the information of the offending database. Do this while Gramps is closed.

Thanks for the info. I renamed the recent-files-gramps.xml by adding “OLD” at the end and when I restarted Gramps it created a new file. Works fine now. I also found that the old database was still there so I deleted that and all is still working fine. I have restarted Gramps after the deletion.

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