Computer crashed. can't run gramps

Please help how to recover family tree data from the computer.
I am not an expert.
can only acces the drive externaly without booting the computer.

os is: galliumos linux based.
gramps version: not sure one of the latest.

  1. can i navigate to the data file and copy it manualy.
  2. what directory the data file stored in.

Please direct. thanks.

Should be stored in the hidden .gramps directory in your user profile, make a backup of it before trying anything.


That is the User Directory. [The User Directory location varies because of operating system requirements. The hotlink points to the wiki page about this.] As suggested above, make a copy of the folder.

Looking at database files with a database program (like Gramps) forces an update the file. That can corrupt the file if tried with an incompatible database program. (That is why you should always work on a copy.)

Instead of the database file, let us look at some text files that will identify the version, database path and backup path. If there is recent .gramps backup file, then importing the backup file will be the safest way to recover your Tree.

Inside the Gramps folder will be another Gramps folder with the version number as part of the name. (Like gramps51 )

Inside that folder is a gramps.ini text file.

Scroll down to the section labeled [database]

This will include the backup path & the database path. The section (for Windows) looks like:

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Tnank you for your advice and the time spent.

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