Family Lines Graph: stop person boxes from splitting across page break

In Family Lines Graphs that use more than one page, is there a way to stop boxes such as for individual people and number of children from being placed directly the page break and thus being split across two pages?

Win 7 64

No. The ‘graphs’ are internally generated via a library called GraphViz, which only knows how to create a single page. Gramps added the ability to split that page into multiple, in a fashion that allows a person to reassemble them after printing to paper via literal scissors and tape etc. The only way to break up a large graph logically would be to plot several different graphs, via filters, each to a single page.

OK thanks. Do you by any chance know of a program that is specifically for generating Family Lines Graphs (i.e. the diagrams that most people think of when you say family tree) and would allow more customization?

This company make special software for genealogy graphicals… Cost some money and are Windows only if I dont remember wrong…

Else you can use yEd (really advanced and high learning curve) (its free)

Or you can use (it can import CSV files where you can define the fields for Nodes and Edges and more) (its free)…

But have you looked at the possiblilities to create SVG files and customize them in Inkscape,, or any other vector graphic editor

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