Family Lines Graph shows empty yellow circles

I encounter a weird empty yellow circles on my family lines graph report. How can I remove them from the graph?


(GRAMPS: GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2
Python: 3.6.4 (default, Jan 23 2018, 13:17:37) …
BSDDB: 6.1.0 (6, 0, 30)
sqlite: 3.21.0 (2.6.0)
OS: Windows)


The circles should contain the marriage information. Two reasons they may be empty

No Marriage information is found in the Family event list.

The Marriage event exists but the Role for the event is something other than “Family”

Thank you for your quick response. I set the default relationship type to “Married” in Preferences-Display:

Now I’m confused. I don’t want to add marriage info or date. I just want to skip or remove the middle thing between two relatives. Is it possible? Because those boxes just fill my graph like a baloon without any reason.
Thank you again.

There is a difference between the Relationship Type, which you are highlighting as your default setting (mine too) and the details of that marriage.

In the Family Editor dialog you enter the actual event for the marriage.

And there is a third reason why the information may be not shown in the report. In the report options, on the Include tab are options to include/exclude date, places, and number of children.


Those balloons show the family created by the two individuals above and any children resulting below.


There is a Family Tree report under Graphical Reports where you can the tree to ancestors only and exclude all event information. I does print horizontally instead of vertically.

The Pedigree Graph has the date information but you can output it to an OpenDocument text allowing you to manually delete any information you do not want.

Maybe there are other reports I am not seeing that other users may be more familiar.

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The Relationship Graph lets you omit the family nodes. On the “Graph Style” tab of the report options, there is a checkbox “Show family nodes”. Just uncheck the box.

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