Exporting the Graph View Add on

Hello, I want to export the following view, so I can share with other people:

I want this exact style and the images as well.
I have tried clicking the print button, but that just creates a small gv file which I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t find anything in reports either.

GRAMPS: AIO64-5.1.5-1
WIndows 11

Part of another thread speaks to the “Print” (that ain’t a ‘print’) for this view mode.

Although Inkscape on Windows had problems finding the avatar & thumbnail image paths for the .svg file, I think that GraphViz handled the .gv image format file better.

The consensus has been that the charts views that Gramps creates generally need some tweaking before committing to a sharable format … like .pdf or printing hardcopy. And there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules for the tweaks that could be built in. It might be some minor re-arranging of boxes or some redacting. But rather than spend a lot of effort building a 2nd-rate graph editor into Gramps, it made more sense to output a file that is usable by a 1st-rate tool for graph editing.

Someone wrote a thread about manually fixing the filepath and another about swapping in filepath to the big thumbnails instead of the lo-res small thumbnails. But I have not re-discovered those threads yet.

found PR#245 : added an option for changing the thumbnail size from normal to large in gvfamilylines.py

So there is no way to export how I want to export?

It just takes another step.

Download GraphViz chart editor, load the .gv file into that, and save in whatever format you prefer (.png, .pdf, .gif, print hardcopy) for sharing.

Would this include the pictures of the people too?

The Graph View adds a Print icon to the view’s toolbar.

It will give you the option to save Graphview.gv
You can rename this file leaving the extension. You can change the location.

Hit Apply. Maybe not the best name for the button.

Two files will be created with the extensions .gv and .svg

So long as these two files stay together, the SVG file will add any images.

FWIW, I sometimes use the .svg files that Graph View creates. LibreOffice Draw imports the the SVG file (I don’t know how well it does the images as I don’t have any and my SVG has only text) quite well, and from there you can edit and export (to e.g. PDF)

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