Enlarging fonts (again)

it’s not about what i am looking for. it’s about what my background is. it’s about how i need to be guided through this. i want the GUI answers. but i need more complete answers that do not assume general experience with GUI based applications.

but, doing things a CLI way (working on files) is a way i can accomplish things and learn what i can automate. is there an API to do such automation?

i don’t have a gramps51 directory (yet).

Discourse is not letting me see the whole post when i am writing a reply to a quoted part of it. when i try to open a 2nd tab to see that post at the same time, it morphs that view into the same reply edit.

Updated the hotlink. Try it again

Workaround that helps me…

When I click the Preview for the reply I’m composing, then dismiss it, Discourse refreshes the display and I can suddenly scroll up and see the whole thread again.

My other workaround is using the Discourse App for the edit but also a webbrowser to surf other parts of the forum.

I you are not using a Gramps 5.1.x version, then this will not be a viable option. The link is to a Gramplet with a registry for that version of Gramps. Older versions will not recognize it.

Each version of Gramps has its own archive of Gramplets. You’ll have to go back to the Add-on List wiki page for the version of Gramps you are using and see if the Themes addon exists. (The add-on was introduced on the 5.0 Addon List but does not exist for 4.2 or earlier.) Then get the URL from the Downloads column.

The URL for the download explicitly identifies the version for which the addons are registered:

If you are using a 5.1 version then there will be a gramps51 subdirectory in the User Directory… and a plugins subdirectory in that.

And the User Directory is hidden - see details here.

CLI options are listed here.

There has been some test automation done using scripting. But I haven’t found API documentation for it yet.

This is a section of the Wiki that could use some help from someone with your background in scripting. Would you care to do some exploring and help us out?

gotcha. it is in the ~/.gramps directory, so ~/.gramps/gramps51 such as one example ~/.gramps/gramps51/gramps.ini.

i wasn’t expecting gramps51 to be where it is. that and i didn’t connect ~/.gramps == “User Directory”. i’m learning these terms, now,

Yeah, it adds some confusion that the User Directory does not have a common root path alias between Linux, Windows & macOS.

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