Edit\Preferences remember last view doesn't work

Gramps 5.1.3-2 win10
Hi, title says it all. I have tried unchecking and closing and restarting then rechecking the box and gramps always starts at the same name that I last used a very long time ago. i am now updating the tree and it will not remember the last position. any ideas as to why.
Thanks, Wiggy.

The preferences setting to remember the last view only remembers the view type (Person, Family etc.) NOT the last position in the view. You may want to install the “Restart where you left off” addon. This should keep the last position for every view.

Thanks for the quick reply Paul. I can’t find this addon. Please point me in the right direction. I have all the available addons having done check for updated addons.

Regards, Geoff.

It’s one of the plug-ins that has no listing on the wiki. There are a few add-ons with no options or interface. So we haven’t figured out how to handle them in the manual.

Search for ‘Restart’ in the Plug Manager (enhanced) shows the “'Plugin lib” type named “Restart where you were last working

Its current Info shows:

Plugin name: Restart where you were last working [Plugin lib]

Id: RestoreHist
Description: This addon causes Gramps to restart on the same view and object where Gramps was previously closed.  It adds no new menus or Gramplets, but allows the last six objects visited to be found via the 'Go' menu.
Version: 0.0.15
Authors: Paul Culley
Email: ________@___.___
Filename: restorehist.py
Location: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\gramps\gramps51\plugins\RestoreHist

The plugin is there in c:\users etc. I’m not sure where to go from here though.

Having said that the plugin is there, it is on the main machine upstairs,however I am at present using the laptop and there aren’t any plugins! What has happened? I only installed gramps recently on the laptop as I’m working downstairs with the very large tree laid out on the dining room table. I have checked for all addons and none are shown . Don’t understand. Help please.

Ooooh! You are putting yourself in a very perilous working state. Keeping the Tree synchronized on 2 machines requires a LOT of self-discipline.

You have to be CERTAIN you are working on the copy that was most recently updated each time you start a Gramps session. Which probably means running upstairs with the Laptop to compare the Last Accessed datestamps for your Tree in Family Tree Manager.

Then you have to synchronize the Tree databases. Hopefully, by being certain the older one hasn’t been changing since the last sync. Then you can just copy that Tree folder from fresher database machine to the other. BUT, if you are not certain whether you tweaked without syncing, then you must use the Import Merge Tool to harmonize the versions. That’s a painful process.

The worst case would to be haphazard about using the freshest Tree and have to (shudder) use the Import Merge Tool regularly.

Danger Will Robinson!

Is there any chance you have a Network Attached Storage device on you home network? (On Windows, you can map a specific Drive letter to that device for both machines.) Then set the database & media paths to that device. At this point, both machines would be using a single dataset. The ‘lock’ would keep the PC & Laptop from accessing that Tree simultaneously.

For first-time use only, you could have copied the entire User Directory from the PC to the laptop. (After that, you’d have to be much more careful to not overwrite the Database file.) This will bring your plugins and Preferences into sync.

Since your Profile says you’re using Windows, the User Directory can be found by putting this path into a file browsing window:

Linux or Mac would use:

Notate bene:

  1. Users with Gramps on two machines would be well advised to change the path for the database and media (and backups) to outside the User Directory. This reduces the chance of your data being overwritten when synchronizing machines.
  2. The dialog positions are remembered in the gramps.ini file. Gramps version 5.1.3-2 does not validate the dialog position data (fixed for 5.2 and patchable for 5.1.3)… so a window may be created off-screen if positioned on a second (or larger) screen that is no longer available.

@wiggy, another option is to use some remote desktop software on your laptop, if the screen is large enough and your eyesight is good enough, to access your other computer. Then you don’t need to install Gramps on your laptop.

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Thanks for all your replies.
What I’ve done which avoids all disasters is to simply copy the gramps file I have been using on the main pc to the laptop. When I’ve finished I’ll just copy it back.
I’ll investigate copying all the plugins later, but I don’t know why there weren’t installed in the first place and I still don’t understand how to get at the restart at last position option.

If you do not have the plugins installed, check your Preferences’ General tab.

You will find the settings to check for and install plugins. In particular, you may need to uncheck the option Do not ask about previously notified addons.

Gramps does not install 3rd Party Add-ons as part of the original download. You have to download & install them via the Check for updated addons now in the General tab of the Preferences.

The Restart where you were last working [Plugin lib] is one such opt-in download. Once downloaded & installed, it works in concert with the Preferences options in Remember last view displayed (General tab) and Automatically load last family tree
(Family Tree tab) to augment those features to include shifting focus on restart to the ‘last saved active record’

One of the squirrelly parts of using 2 machines is that you have to either synch the entire User Directory or manage the Preferences on each machine as being ignorant of each other.

One 3rd Party Add-on is the Plugin Manager (enhanced). It distinctly changes the GUI for Add-on management.

Ok, I understand that but when doing check for updates there are none available. The address for updates is this:

I have checked this against the help files and it’s correct. On going to this address I get the dreaded error 404, not found, so do we have a github issue here?

Ahhh… the filename & trailing slash isn’t included in the ‘Where to check’ path. Looking at that path name looks for the directory as a non-existent file. Adding the slash would give a 400 error instead.

Maybe you copied the new_addons.txt file over to the other machine without copying the plug-ins. Or the add-on Registration cannot distinguish between ‘new’ and ‘updates’ & ‘hidden’ properly.

Or all the add-ons are installed and you don’t realize it because you not looking outside of Preferences.

The preferences interface just has the downloading new/updated addons functionality.

The control over what add-ons are active (or hidden) is in the Plugin Manager, opened from the Help menu.

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