Does a Gramps Web demo server still exist?

The link to a Gramps Web Demo Server in the original announcement is no longer valid.

And searching “demo” in the online docs finds nothing.

Is there a new location for a Demo Server?

There is a demo server, but when overhauling the demo site last week I removed the link because it was not working properly. Needs to be fixed.

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@Nick-Hall previously suggested that the Gramps-project might be able to host a small number instances. Perhaps the Example.gramps as a demo site might be a good one? Perhaps with a daily overwrite of the data, INIs & userlist back to initial state?

The user/pw of guest guest (and Guest guest since the username forces an upper case 1st letter & it was unclear if that field is case-sensitive) give an “Error: Wrong username or password”

And trying to request a new account give a 500 error. But another attempt with the same info says that it is “already taken”.

Signing in withat account then failed because of wrong username or password. And on a passwordcreminder: “The server encountered an error while trying to send the e-mail.”

I mentioned the idea of hosting family trees for some of our users to @bmatherly. He is in support of using some of our funds for this purpose. An example database may be a good starting point.

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@Nick-Hall and @DavidMStraub ,

It would be particularly interesting if there was a something similar to GrampsWebSync that cloned a database directory to local. Rather than export to .gpkg and re-import, just ftp the whole database file folder.

So, it would need the persmission for external read-only access. (Are Gramps Web database files, media files, and .ini files protected from direct external Read access? Or can a well-informed hacker steal the entire database… including data marked as ‘private’?)

Or maybe more safely, do an on-demand ZIP (cached only until download succesful, fallback max. lifespan of an hour… or does that max. need to be scaled by filesize & datarate?) of that concealed/protected folder to a temporarily exposed file location and unzip it locally to the Preferences-specified database folder. (Probably should be limited on the number of exports per hour to reduce effectiveness of DoS attacks.) Lower the (possibly throttled or metered) server load of the comparision & sync to the local-side instead of the server-side. Upload could be of an XML database patch with transaction-level approval merge by an admin.)

This might need an adaptation of the relative Media path to not freak about a GrampsWeb path. And a DownloadMedia tool with permissions to do an authorized harvest of the Media objects using that path.


as mentioned in another thread, I am close to releasing a beta version of a shared deployment and I will share my setup (if and) once I get it working. But believe me, it’s not easy to build it in a scalable way, and I expect cost will scale quite quickly with the number of users as well. That’s why I will not offer it for free. It’s also quite tricky to comply with all the European privacy regulations (I will target mostly German users). If later we manage to set up a Gramps community-hosted server that’s great and I expect I will find out how much it would cost.

Concerning the demo server, you can also check out the dockerfile of the current demo, which has the (old) example database included already in the docker image:

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Just for those finding this old thread: we have finally set up a new demo server at

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