Do we need a new subdirectory in the Gramps GitHub repository?

We have a budding library of intermittently useful add-ons for Gramps. They have shared through the maillist, on Discourse, by eMail and on external sites where Gramps users share workflows.

These include:

  • custom filter definitions
  • Book layouts
  • SuperTool scripts
  • SuperTool filters
  • CardView configurations
  • Gramps Themes
  • Sample data (.gramps format)
  • Rules (the 2 existing rule collections are awkward)
  • WebConnect URL definitions

But they are spread out and dis-organized. Unfortunately, there’s too much to swallow in a single gulp. And adding something like the ALL the Custom Filters would just make the pop-up menu list un-navigable. (Just as the Gramplet list are becoming excessively long.)

With some of the customizations foretold for 5.2 (view layouts, web site layouts), the number of features that will take significant fine-tuning is only going to increase. So efficiently sharing these will become even more beneficial.

Do we need a GitHub subdirectory for sharing these files?