"Deep Background" Notes

Some of the Notes and Source included in my research are understood to be “Deep Backgound” material. This is just data that might “color” my writings. (Things like the background of the Place in an era before events occurred. Or of the enclosing Places in a Place Hierarchy. Or the biography of the Place"s eponym.)

So, if I was to run a report on selected objects, this is material that is best omitted. It isn’t “Private” or “low confidence” but it also doesn’t need to clutter up my review notes because none of it will be cited for any facts in my composition. The information would just confuse my review.

So it would be able to have such Deep Background material always hidden unless specifically requested.

Where do you store them? As sub-records of Place, Person, …?

I have such Notes I collected from margin annotation in church records. Since they are not related to persons, I have attached them as notes for places.

Another kind is some sort of “index” I create to quickly navigate in a source, such as starting page number for years, missing pages or data, out-of-order information, … This is again a note attached to a Source.

Eventually, this could be made a custom note type so that it can be easily filtered out.

Place notes are just 1 example of Deep Backgound references. A Source might also be Deep Background. Or a Media Object.

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