Configuring display columns - for citations, but could be other things

I’ve set up some citations, which here I’ve filtered for those with a given source

but it would be easier if source was one of the columns in the main window, replacing / alongside ‘Confidence’. Can this be configured?

Same sort of question might arise in other entity listings, e.g. repositories where sources are

GRAMPS: AIO64-5.1.5-1
OS: Windows

Use the View :arrow_right: Configure… menu or click the Gramps-config.pngConfigure the active view button in the Toolbar.

All views have similar configuration.


Many thanks. Configuring citations was the main thing I wanted to do, but it doesn’t see possible to add repository to the listing of sources!

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You can’t because “Repository” is not a field of Source record. The link between Repository and Source is “intermediated” by “reference record”, implementing the 1-to-many relationship. The reference record is displayed as side information on individual source or repository record.

The configuration dialog gives access only to the primary fields of the record.

To list sources pertaining to a single repository, use a filter.


Thanks. I guess that makes sense in the ‘domain’, since the same source may be in multiple repositories

I’m familiar with entity relationship diagrams for RDB schema, showing PKs, FKs and join tables in a case like this. When I looked at the structure of a GRAMPS database exported to SQLite, I saw some obvious join tables, and thought of producing the sort of entity relationship diagram I mentioned.

Is it available somewhere already?

Have you looked at the Gramps Data Model?

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