Color key for Weblate status chart? [found]

Is there a color key for the Weblate chart of language translations for Gramps?

4 of the 5 colors are straightforward to interpret.

The basic is a “100% possible” background scale bar that can be orange or transparent.

Then there’s a percentage translated that can orange, dark blue or green (based on whether the completion is below minimum level threshold, in progress, or above a mid-70s% threshold.

These background & percentage colors form the basic 2 color bars showing a single percentage out of 100%.

But there’s also a tri-color bar (with a bright blue portion that’s usually in the first 15%) that is confusing. [edit: these are the “approved” translations] A forum message indicated that these might be the percentages of strings where the original and translation were identical. (i.e., loan-words) But that doesn’t track with three language showing nearly 100% translated. The Portuguese has a large (mid-30s%) percentage being bright blue. Meanwhile, the Italian and Swedish translations are nearly ALL this color.

Maybe these have untranslated strings that are incorrectly tagged as complete & yet unchanged from US-English? (And it seems like the UK-English should be marked so that it is at close to 100%)

Personally, I prefer their horizontal language bar chart from the Weblate choices of badge widgets. (It doesn’t have the bright blue color either.) It results in less scrolling:

Translation status

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