Weblate approval process

Does then translation via weblate needs 100% approved before it will make it into next release?

Weblate reports that the Danish translation has only 1 string outstanding to make 100% complete. (And that is for “command line interface” help. It just has extra linefeeds and leading spaces before the lines of code. Which makes the help too long to fit on a single screen. )

The last public release was 5.1.6 last February. It rolled in updates for the following languages: ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fr, fi, hu, is, it, lt, nb, nl, pt_BR, pt_PT, ru, sk, sl, uk, vi

Nick has been merging Weblate Translations commits into the master branch regularly. So the ones you’ve done since February should be distributed in the upcoming 5.2 release.

It appears as though the current weblate has all the new 5.2 strings. And those are done in the Danish translations too.


Kaj Mikkelsen

The Weblate translations are merged on a regular basis. They don’t need to be approved.

Weblate only allows you to translate for the upcoming release.

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Thanks for doing such a big task.

And thanks for setting up the Dansk gramps brugergrupp (Danish Gramps Facebook group) in 2019.

Did you notice that @gramps-project set up a Dansk section in this Discourse forum in July 2022? No one has created a translation for the Pinned posting. So it (like the other non-English sections) hasn’t found any users yet. Perhaps you could write a page and send Sam a PM to replace that English placeholder page?

I have been lazy, and not been using weblaze and discourse very much.

That has to change.

I noticed the link to the danish users group - thanks for that.

Didn’t think about the pinned post, will take a look.

Currently refining the translation by looking at the post being marked as 'perhaps issues ’


Kaj Mikkelsen

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