Collecting information on Spellcheck and Grammar for Gramps

After doing a bit of support for a user needing to set up Gramps with the appropriate Dictionary and Grammar files for a non-english installation, I discovered that the available information was hard to find, scattered and incomplete. And, most seemed to be from around 2009 to 2011.

It also is unclear whether the implementation in Gramps is GtkSpell or PyEnchant. (Although cursory reading indicates that Enchant may be a wrapper library used by the GtkSpell library.) So I’m hoping some people familiar with these features in Gramps could point me in the right direction towards source material.

I’ve started an outline on the wiki in a “How do I… Troubleshoot Spellcheck” article. The outline lists several areas that it would be nice to clarify. And the ‘See also’ is the where reference materials are starting to be collected.

There are bug reports… one o which indicates that it is difficult to add terms to Gramps. (You might have noticed that the term “Gramps” shows as a spelling error.) And that the Windoze version of Gramps defaults to the British dialect dictionary. This selection cannot be changed in the installer and is rather annoying to an US user.

There are several providers of Dictionaries and Affix files. And, from the indications of the PortableApps version, only 16 of the 43 languages supported by Gramps have support files for their language. There are hints that Gramps started slimming down to just a subset of language support file around the 4.2.5 version of Gramps.

Any help would be appreciated.

A new bug report posted today [27 Jun 2021] indicates Gramps does not fail gracefully if Spellcheck is enabled but lacks a dictionary.

[Fix for that bug report rolled into Gramps 5.1.4 version, released 26 Jul 2021]

The particular installation was in German for macOS. So it is unclear which installer was used (if ANY was).

This may be why the Windoze AIO installer ALWAYS adds the en_GB dictionary.