Citing Facebook Profiles In Gramps

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Hw have others here cited Facebook profiles in Gramps? I have several family members who have listed their birthdays on Facebook and want t use this as a source. Would you use Facebook as a repository and the person’s profile as the source? This seems to make the most sense to me since they are the author of their profile.


Facebook gives no guarantees about the longevity of facebook profiles, You are better off quoting the person as the source, with no repository. Information direct from the horse’s mouth is the best source you can get.

Personally, I will never do that. I know a number of people who have incorrect birthday dates.

I would rather use a “source + citation” for that. The source is the company Facebook and the citation is the user profil. You can add the user profil url to the persons internet tab.

You can add the Facebook link to the person’s Internet tab. I would only keep it there while the person is alive the same as their email address.

While a page like this may be a great clue to the person’s DOB, especially if this is all you have, it does not PROVE the birth information. Only a birth certificate or an official birth record can be taken as Proof.

Totally understand that these things change (and g offline). I always take a screenshot of any web page I reference and note the access date to show that - at this specific time - this is what the source showed

I’ve thought about doing it that way, too. The main reason I thought of making the profile itself be the source is because of the author’s field. Facebook didn’t author the profile page - the user did. And, I’m thinking, when I am doing analysis, I can show that the specific person said their birthday was X

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100%. This is an authored source and not direct evidence.

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Yes, I do that that way too. And I have Facebook the repository for these sources.

That would be best from a theoretical point, but the repository doesn’t show in many reports, so I’d rather use Facebook as a source, and put the person’s name in the vol/page field of the citation.

It’s a Gramps issue not the way not to do