Changing the "Type" in Internet Address Editor in Bulk

GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 Windows 10.

I have approx. 2,000 “Places” and I want to change the “Type” in the Internet Address for about 98% of these. Is there a quick way to do this? Is there anyway to list them or report on this item?

Internet Address Editor

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution.

If you wanted to globally change an Event Type you could use the Rename Event Type tool.

If you wanted to globally rename any custom type anywhere there is the Types Cleanup Tool

The Type you want to globally change is defined in the Gramps code:.Web Home

The only way I know is to make a .gramps (XML) Export file of your entire database. In the export, make sure no filters are applied to the export and uncheck the Use Compression option. This will create an XML file that you can edit using Search and Replace.

Search for type="Web Home" and replace with your changes.

Then you can create a new database and import this altered export file back into this new tree…

Changes to a large number of filtered records in Gramps is one of the things that the Isotami SuperTool addon does very well. But designing the filters/edits is an advanced tool and a mass changes are always risky.

It won’t be easy to learn

Definitely do experiments first in a freshly created tree with the example.gramps dataset imported. Then, when you’ve got it right, do a backup of your data set, import THAT BACKUP into a new tree and run the experiment again.

Thanks. The problem is that I do not want to change all the items. Am just using the “Changed before” filter. Also export to sql lite but open the file in “Pilotedit” (which is a great program) and can find the occurrences but also can count the occurrences.

There is no easy way unfortunately, but what you can do:

  • Step 1: Select all places where you want a change with a new tag e.g my_tag
  • Step 2: Download Isotammi Supertool (Download Link for Gramps 5.1), then unzip it and move the folder in your Gramps User Directory (=manual installation)
    On Windows the default location for addons should be C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\gramps\gramps51\plugins
  • Step 3: Create a custom script for Supertool (requires programming, but we can help you with that)
    => filter for places with tag my_tag and change from url type A to url type B

By the way, storing Google maps place search/result urls is not a good idea. If Google decides to change anything in future, all of them will stop working. It’d be better to store coordinates and place information in Gramps.

I think his URL records have been automatically created by using the default Keep Web Links option in the Place Cleanup Gramplet preferences. So it is likely he wants to mark them with a custom type that indicates the URL reference originated from GeoNames.

You’re right. URLs are very susceptible to linkrot. Unfortunately, internet records do not have a date field nor custom Attributes options. So there really isn’t going to be an efficient option for writing a linkchecker.

As you can see from the USA example above, the links it saves can be quite excessive. And we don’t have don’t have a Miscellaneous category view for objects that have internal handles but no IDs. (Like Internet, Attribute, Address, or Name objects.) So these second class objects are extremely awkward to service. Even deleting them is a tedious on-by-one process.

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Okay I see. I didn’t knew that feature.

Yeah we should have better ways to work with them. They are good place to create new addons. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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