Can wiki display a filtered list of defects?

The wiki for GetGOV addon has an Issues section which lists defects associated with the addon. It struck me as pretty cool that the wiki could pick out related defects from the bug tracker. Editing the wiki showed that it is actually a manually entered list of defects.

Can the wiki show a “live” list of defects based on a filter? e.g. ‘Category=3rd Party Addons AND Tags=GetGOV’?

MantisBT hides the parameter passing in its URLs. But back in 2009, their forum had a thread saying there’s feature to generate a permalink.

I didn’t see it while surfing from a mobile device. Maybe there are more options browsing with a desktop?

Thanks for the tip, @emyoulation. After filtering the issues, the “hamburger” menu on the top-right has an option to generate a permalink, which I added to the GetGOV wiki under “Known Bugs.”

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Since it is hidden in the browser address bar, the URL for the GetGov tag filter looks like:

And (unfortunately!) the filters have to be configured by someone with higher MantisBT rights. So you cannot simply plug in a different Tag into the URL query string and filter on that.

But there is also a MantisBT addon to allow a CSV static list in the URL : filteredBugList

A sample URL might look like:

Is it installed?

I was able to create a permanlink via the UI and assumed this was just regular MantisBT functionality. Could someone who has “reporter” rights on MantisBT query for issues via the “View Issues” page and then see if the “Create Permalink” menu item is available to them? Thanks!

MantisBT Create Issue Permalink

I am logged in as a “Updater” (using Firefox on a Fedora Acer Aspire laptop) in the following capture from the View Issues form:

That MantisBT rights-level does not offer the Permalink menu item.

Moved you to a developer account the Permalink menu should be available for you now.

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@gramps-project Thanks (I think). I’m of 2 minds about becoming just that much more dangerous to myself and others.

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