Mantis BT - where is user documentation?

Gramp’s Bug Triage wiki points to Mantis BT’s documentation to learn about how to use Mantis. On occasion over the last year or two I’ve browsed that site a few times, attempting to find documentation that would help me (1) understand how to use Mantis BT, and (2) find information on markup which can be used in bug reports with no success. The documentation on that site is geared towards Mantis BT adminstrators, and developers, not end-users. Luckily Gramps’ wiki documents the most essential markup syntax so that helps. So, where is the user guide to Mantis BT?

[Edit: removed workflow question for now]


Although comfortable with MantisBT, I posted a similar question to their forum in 2019

The Quick Ref that Starbuck discussed never materialized.

It’s too bad that the Quick Ref guide didn’t come to be.

May I request permissions in Gramps Mantis BT to change bugs?

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