Attributes have vanished from the Narrated Web Site

I’m using Gramps version 5.1.5 on Linux.
I just noticed that attributes (such as “identification numbers” of birth events; or, a “cause” attribute added to a death event) seem to have vanished from the Narrated Web Site output some time this year.

I am pretty sure they used to be added in bold next to the event in the generated html pages (that’s why I used them). However, I just generated another Narrated Web Site (I hadn’t done that for a while) and all the attributes were missing.

Is it possible that I might have misconfigured something? I cannot seem to find any related settings.

It seems working for me on debian, Gramps 5.1.5.

If the missing attributes have the privacy lock set, to get them included in the Narrated Web Report, you have to check the box to “Include data marked private” which is last item on the Report Options tab.

Please report back so we know if there is some other issue that I just haven’t duplicated yet.

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Thank you so much, lordemannd! That checkbox seems to have done it. The attributes are back. I am very grateful for your help!

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excellent, thanks for reporting your results.